Conquer the World Fishing Tour

Fishing the Seven Seas!!

Like Jimmy Buffet sang, I should have been born 200 years ago because I would have made a great pirate! As the definition of the “Seven Seas” has changed throughout history, I’m not really sure what the Seven Seas are? Though how cool would it be to fish all Seven Seas?

When I started Red Ed’s Adventures back in 2004, I always envisioned hosting extreme fishing adventures to exotic locations around the world. Hence incorporating adventures into the name of the corporation. Well that vision has finally become a reality.

When I moved to Florida way back around 1974 from the Northeast, I swore off winters. I don’t handle cold well at all and would much rather deal with the heat and humidity in Florida than the frost and chill of the North. Ever since we had the bad freeze the winter of 2010, we had below freezing temperatures for almost two weeks; I’ve done my best to avoid winter. It gets too cold for me here in Old Homosassa! I know, I’m spoiled, especially after this past winter that many of you have experienced. So after fishing the winter of 2010, I’ve decided that I won’t fish here in December, January & February anymore. Like the snowbirds that visit Florida every winter, I’ve decided to travel south myself for those three months.

As some of you know, that have gotten to know me well, I was able to travel to five Super Bowls in a row from 2009 through 2013. I’ve also been very fortunate and blessed to have been able to travel and fish in countries like Venezuela, Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, Ireland, the Bahamas and Guatemala. Check the “About the Captain” page on my website to see some of the other extreme places I’ve been able to visit and fish. If I haven’t fished the Seven Seas, I’m close!

This past winter doing my best imitation of a snowbird, I went to Guatemala in October, Islamorada in November, back to Guatemala in December and then back to Islamorada in January and finally Sanibel Island in February. As a matter of fact, in a little over a year, I was able to make five trips and spend 2 ½ months in Guatemala between December of 2013 and January of 2015. Yes, I’m Mister LUCKY!

So here’s the adventurous plans:

February 2016 & January 2017 – Costa Rica

Nosara Paradise Rentals, Already have three definite commitments for February 9, 2016 thru February 16, 2016. A definite commitment is either a 50% non-refundable deposit or the entire amount paid in full. This will be my third trip to Costa Rica but first time to this part of the country. I’ve traveled from the Northeast Caribbean side, the Rio Colorado Lodge to the Southwest Pacific side, the Crocodile Bay Lodge and the Northwest Pacific side, the Ocotal Resort. My second trip to Costa Rica was to the Zancudo Lodge located on the Southwest Pacific side. Nosara Paradise Rentals is located on the Pacific central side of the country that is about the size of Rhode Island. Nosara Paradise’s claim to fame is that they are the closest to blue water in all of Central America.

January 2016 & February 2017 – Guatemala

Casa Vieja Lodge, . This will be my second trip back to Casa Vieja Lodge. We will also visit Antigua as part of this adventure. Antigua formally the capital of Guatemala is a world heritage site located up in the mountains and is surrounded by three volcanoes. Antigua is best known for their Spanish schools, 54 of them is this beautiful village. It reminds me allot of St. Augustine with the cobblestone roads and a quaint charm. Plus with the abundance of Spanish schools travelers from around the world visit and add to the ambiance. As I said above, I’ve spent 2 ½ months in Guatemala and have traveled from the Pacific side to the Caribbean side of this beautiful country. I’ve spent so much time in Guatemala; I’ve actually acquired three new nicknames, Gringo Grande, Diablo Rojo and Chapulin Colorado!!!

March 2016 & 2017 – Panama

Aqua Adventures Panama, . Panama has moved to the top spot on my “Bucket List”! Cuba has now moved to the number two spot on my “Bucket List”!!

As most of these lodges book way in advance, sometimes years in advance for peak fishing seasons, it’s imperative that reservations are made ASAP. If you interest in any of these adventures please contact me for details as space is very limited. If you plan on traveling internationally, I highly recommend that you acquire a Global Online Enrollment System, , GOES Card. The GOES Card allows you to bypass customs when returning to the country and after being abroad it makes returning home a pleasure and a breeze, no waiting in extremely long customs lines.

January, February and March are peaks months for Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado, Roosterfish and Tuna on the Pacific coast of Central America. Not only is it more fun to travel and fish with a group, it’s always safer especially with an experienced travel host. Local knowledge goes a long way, especially in Latin America.

A tackle box is better than an Xbox any day!

Fishing is a real experience that creates memories that will last forever!!

“For real & forever”!!!

Like the warmth of the sun
And the light of the day,
May the luck of the Irish
Shine bright on your way!

Let’s go CATCHING!!!
Captain “Red ED” Brennan
(352) 382-3939