Epic Day in Homosassa

An epic day in the ‘Sassa! New challenges are motivating! It’s always special to catch a species that you have never caught before and on Friday, January 18th, I caught my first Hogfish/Hog Snapper (I know it’s in the Wrasse family)!! Last Friday was also the first time that I targeted Hogfish and it’s more than satisfying to set a goal and then accomplish it! You never forget your first girlfriend or Hogfish!!

After hearing the report from my good friend Big Bob Ernstes about his results (6 Hogfish on his first 6 drops) with the “Nekid Ball Jigz” I drove down torturous Hwy. 19 to Holiday to get some new ammunition for both Bob and myself. As long as I was there I figured I’d have lunch in Tarpon Springs and pick up some Greek pastries to take home. After the torture of Hwy. 19 and the uncountable snowbirds, I might as well treat myself and make a day of it. Well the effort was worth it as it became an unforgettable day on the Gulf. I still remember my first girlfriend too!

I ran straight out the Homosassa River to about 37 foot of water and never moved from that spot once. The conditions were great especially for this time of the year as the water was flat calm and with an upcoming front and the super full moon I was excited to try something new. My Garmin was lit up and the bottom was alive! I wasn’t disappointed in the results as every single time the “Nekid Ball Jigz” hit the bottom I was hooked-up! I didn’t move my boat until I ran out of beer and decided to head back in! It was a smorgasbord of species all day: 1 Hogfish, 1 Mangrove Snapper, 3 Gag Groupers, 1 Red Grouper and 201+ Key West Snapper (only kept 4 Grunts)!! All excellent table fare!! You need to give these jigz a try you won’t be disappointed!!

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