Nature Coast Fishing Report – May 2022

“Cobia Fever” is when your passion becomes obsession! The migration of the “Brown Clowns” is usually in full force here on the Nature Coast during the month of May!  Hopefully the wind will finally lay down and we’ll be able to target “Cobia” as the head north for the summer.  Always watch for Rays or Turtles as the “Lemonfish” tend to follow closely looking for a free meal.  The key to catching the “Prodigal Son” is preparation, you have to be ready and I always compare it to sitting in a blind, deer hunting, it can go from total boredom to absolute chaos in a blink of an eye!  We always cover the entire water column with bait, usually a Catfish on the bottom directly under the boat, two balloon lines with frisky live bait behind the boat and at least one pitch bait in the water next to the boat ready to toss when the not so smart “Black Kingfish” swim directly at the boat! It also doesn’t hurt to have an artificial eel bait ready to cast as you never know what’s on their diet each day!  Having more than one “Crabeater” hooked at the same time happens often!  Always be extremely careful when you take them out of the water, they go berserk and get them in the fish box fast as not only can they hurt you but they can destroy equipment and your boat fast!  The 38th Annual Cobia Big Fish Tournament is June 4th & 5th out of Crumps Landing in Homosassa. 

The ‘Sassa Slam is still a very good possibility this month, catching a Snook, Redfish and Trout all in the same day!  Though it’s catch and release now for Snook as that season is closed.  Drifting the pristine flats of Citrus County will continue to produce Sea Trout with many “Gators” being caught over the 19 inch limit.  The very rocky Foul Area will hold Trout, Spanish Mackerel, Flounder, Small Grouper, Sea Bass, Jacks and Bluefish.  The Redfish bite will continue to be hot along the outside edges of rocky shorelines, most points and oyster bars.  Inshore or offshore it doesn’t matter it’s time to be on the water, enjoying the outdoors and putting groceries in the cooler!!

Let’s go CATCHING!!!