Nature Coast Fishing Report – March 2022

The “Springtime Smorgasbord” has begun!  The weather has finally turned nice here on Florida’s Nature Coast and when the water temperatures reach 70 degrees so it’s time to go catching!  As usually happens when the water temps reached 70, the fish start feeding aggressively. Redfish, Sea Trout, Cobia, Snook, Triple Tail, Flounder, Spanish Mackerel, Sea Bass, Grouper, Mangrove Snapper, Grunts, Sheepshead, Bluefish, Black Drum, Kingfish and Tarpon are all possible and you never know what’s going to start screaming drag off your reel.  The ‘Sassa Slam is a very good possibility catching a Snook, Cobia, Redfish and Trout all in the same day!  Drifting the pristine flats of Citrus County will continue to produce Sea Trout with many “Gators” being caught over the 19 inch limit.  The Trout like to lay in ambush on top of rocks that have been absorbing the heat of the day and will inhale any bait in their neighborhood!  The Redfish bite will continue to be hot along the outside edges of rocky shorelines, most points and oyster bars.

New challenges are motivating!  Have you ever caught a Hogfish on a hook and line?  This is the perfect time of the year to give it a try.  Most people believe the only way to catch this very tasty species, (one of my favorites), is with a spear gun but we have developed a successful way to target them with a rod and reel.  The hardest part about catching this member of the Wrasse family is getting your bait through all the Grunts/Key West Snapper.  It’s always special to catch a species that you have never caught before and when you see your first Hogfish/Hog Snapper coming over the gunnel, it’s pure excitement!!  It’s more than satisfying to set a goal and then accomplish it!  You’ll never forget your first girlfriend/boyfriend or Hogfish!!  Let’s go CATCHING!!!  

RIP and Tight Lines to Captain Dan Clymer and Tommy Comerford, my Irish Brother from a different Mother, two friends that have left us way to early!  You’ll both will always be loved and missed!!

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Please remember to support your local businesses and restaurants during these strange and unusual times, they can all use our help!! Stay safe, stay healthy and take care of yourself and each other!!