Cuba Beckons!!!

The invitation below may have moved Cuba ahead of Panama on my bucket list! This sounds like an amazing first class adventure in a country that has had basically no fishing pressure!! Bonefish, Permit & Tarpon in virgin waters equals a Cuban Grand Slam!! Picture a large tropical island with vast wilderness flats bordering virgin mangroves adjacent to healthy coral reefs. Picture these flats teeming with abundant bonefish, permit, tarpon, snook and other game species. Then further visualize these areas being protected as national parks, with zero commercial fishing, and hardly any boat traffic, and a strictly limited number of sportfishing rods, catch and release only, all under the sound management of a company dedicated to preserving this fisherman’s paradise. Sounds too good to be true? This is Cuba!

I have used Angler Adventures on some of my past journeys and they have always made sure every detail was covered. Please contact Judy Hall at Angler Adventures, 800-628-1447, Mailbox # 5, and let her know you’re part of the “Red ED Adventures” group or you can always reach me at 352-382-3939, . This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to good to pass up! Let’s go CATCHING in CUBA before there is a Mcdonald’s on every corner!! Cuba lives up to its hype!

An opportunity has come up that we thought might interest you: June 4 – 10, 2016 aboard the luxury yacht Avalon Fleet II, fishing Cuba’s famous Jardines de la Reina (Gardens of the Queen). I’m sure you’ve heard that travel to Cuba is now legal for US anglers in possession of a “Travel Letter” from the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust (BTT). Angler Adventures has partnered with Avalon, the premier outfitter in Cuba, and sent Evan Peterson and Doug Schlink on exploratory trips to Cuba’s best fisheries. The 100’+ Avalon Fleet II, Cuba’s top of the line, luxury yacht with all amenities, is close to fully booked for the prime fishing months of May & June, but a previously spoken for peak week for bonefish, permit, resident (10 – 50 lbs.) & large migratory (80 – 150 lbs.) tarpon has come available and Avalon has given us until November 10 to offer it at a $10,000 discount exclusively to our clients. The cost for this week is based on a maximum 10 anglers with single rooms / sharing a boat & guide daily.

Please call either Judy at Angler Adventures or me to discuss pricing. Avalon II is equipped with 10 deluxe staterooms with private baths, a 500 gallon hot tub on the top deck, a large, a comfortable “living room” with comfortable seating and a flat screen TV, and 24 electricity in both 110V and 220V. The cost includes 5 boats / guides to traverse this expansive archipelago that’s the size of the Florida Keys. An area the size of the Keys that only allows 14 boats to fish. That’s unheard of! The mothership can move its anchorage daily to access the best fishing. June 4 – 10 is one of the most desirable weeks of the entire year for big bones, large tarpon and permit. “Doug and Evan found the fisheries vast and the pressure light. The bonefish are relaxed, the permit are eaters and the tarpon attacked any fly they could see!”

Click below for more information on Avalon and Jardines de la Reina. / JDR:

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Let’s go CATCHING in CUBA!!!
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